Goli Majlessi has sales experience, speaks five languages, has art degrees, and a background in international business and teaching (including as teacher of a Montessori School in England). Her sophisticated sensibilities added to her real estate endeavors are beyond selling property . . . they are about assisting individuals and families find their perfect home.

"Helping people reach their goal is the focus of everything I've done in my life. It is the philosophy that guides everything I do as a professional. This is my passion. It's not the number of bedrooms or the square footage or whether the kitchen has tile or granite. It's whether or not the house is a home that fits you."

A licensed real estate agent since 1994, Goli has a bachelor's degree from the School of Design in London, a Graphic Design and Advertising degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and also a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also studied Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral design. Goli was President of Infogate Corporation, a computer resale and technology support company in San Francisco

Raised in Europe, Goli speaks five languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Farsi and English). This unique ability allows her to provide real estate service to clients in the diplomatic and Consular Corps. She also specializes in relocation.

As examples of her passion for helping people, Goli also is the owner of Marin Hypnosis and works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with cancer patients, and donates a portion from her real estate transactions to the American Cancer Society."